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La Rinascente Duomo in Milan

Purelosophy has been a staple at its home at the luxury food and lifestyle emporium in the heart of Milan at the Rinascente food hall on the seventh floor. The Food Market, where you can find hundreds of gourmet, “Made-in-Italy” products and specialities from all over the world. Teh Food Market is in the heart of the floor surrounded by by nine bars and restaurants on the 7th floor, designed to cover the entire spectrum of taste: My Sushi, Obikà Mozzarella la Rinascente Food Hall: taste and style. The fabulous department store overlooking the Duomo is a real part of Milan’s history. It also offers visitors an exclusive Food Market, a choice of as many as 9 bars and restaurants and special events. Bar Pizza e Cucina, Il Bar, Juice Bar, YN, Maio Restaurant, Be Steak, De Santis, Champagnerie Moët & Chandon.

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