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Pennyhill Park Hotel & The Spa - two years of contributing to business guests experience

Purelosophy has been a popular choice of business travelers during their stay in many hotels since we began our journey eight years ago. It has been an honour to be selected by teh Exclusive Hotels Group in the United Kingdom for all its five star hotel properties two years ago. Pennyhill Park Hotel & The Spa as the ideally located luxury hotel and a host to international conferences has selected purelosophy trilogy for its delegate offering and we have received wonderful direct feedback their guests throughout this time. Purelosophy Power and Renew have been particularly popular in coffee breaks and Relax has also found its appreciative consumer during daytime events thanks to unique stress reduction profile without sedation or lose of focus. The packaging thanks to its eco-friendly profile gives off the premium touch and feel, at home in five star environment of prestige hospitality.

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