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fear of flying and purelosophy RELAX

Traveling by plane is one of the fastest and easiest modes of transportation, enabling people to visit family and friends across the globe in a short amount of time. While most people enjoy the convenience of air travel, people with a flight phobia have an intense fear of flying.

As many as 20 to 30 percent of people are apprehensive about flying, and between 2 and 10 percent of people at any point in time have a phobia about flying. Fear of flying is more common in females and begins most often in childhood or in the mid-20s.

Fear of flying is classified as a specific phobia of the situational type. This means that an individual has persistent and excessive fear triggered by flying or the thought of flying. Typically, flying is avoided or endured with intense anxiety, which may take the form of a panic attack.

In addition to those with flight phobia, there are individuals who fear and avoid flying because they suffer from panic disorder with agoraphobia—they fear having a panic attack while on an airplane. However, unlike those with a specific flying phobia, people with agoraphobia also fear other situations from which escape may be difficult if they have a panic attack.

We have been getting direct feedback from our fans who experience varying degree of flying related anxiety that Purelosophy Relax works very well when drank at least an hour before the flight. Importantly, as there is no sedation or drowsiness experienced, Relax shows as a perfect alternative to tranquilizers that have a pronounced side effects even after the flight is over. We are currently discussing placing the product on board with airlines to take the benefits on board to promote healthy sleep on red eye flights over 3 hours in duration. However, the idea is to bring the benefit to the wider flying passenger community to experience all the benefits of Purelosophy concept.

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