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urban commute in London giving rise to anger management

There's a special kind of fury reserved for people who break the golden rules of tube travel, whether it's standing on the left (the signs couldn't be clearer or more abundant), holding the doors open, or – let's be honest – making eye contact. The same goes for pavement slow-walkers, speeding cabbies and the dreaded announcement: 'the destination of this bus has changed'. New figures suggest travelling around the city is becoming too much for some Londoners. The British Association of Anger Management said its website has received hundreds of hits every day from irate commuters frustrated with the stress of getting across town. Mike Fisher, the chief executive of the association said, 'living in London today is getting more difficult. Just trying to get around the city is hard, you’ve got to be really robust and fit. There are just too many people and stress fuels anger'.

Many commuters are turning to group therapy or individual counselling to deal with the issue, with a Skype consultation starting at £135.

We are on the lookout for ways to make purelosophy trilogy a travel companion in the UK. Watch this space!

source: originally written by Josh Mcloughlin in Timeout London on January 6 2017

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