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do you suffer economy class syndrome? tips from a former flight attendant

What is it? The economy class syndrome is the formation of blood clots in veins deep within the legs (DVT) occurring during or just after a long flight. The economy class syndrome is not confined to that class on a plane. It can happen to any person flying on any class.

  • Why does it happen? It is directly related to the immobility of the limbs for long periods, the lower oxygen pressure and dehydration.

  • Why on a plane? Even in first or business class, if often happens that passengers find themselves confined in their seats for long time due to tiredness, flight entertainment, fasten- seat belt sign or the presence of carts in the aisle.

The oxygen pressure on-board is different to the one we are used to on land. Finally, the air in the cabin is much dryer and combined with the consumption of coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages, contributes to dehydration.

  • How can it be avoided? Three simple steps and your holidays will not be ruined!

  1. Drink lots of water

  2. Walk and move your legs periodically

  3. Avoid coffee, tea and alcohol

Extra tip! Purelosophy will help you stay refreshed and hydrated during your flight, preventing post-flight muscle pain. And if you want to stay awake, try Power – the perfect and healthy substitute to coffee and tea with no side effects.

flying over the North Pole (own pictures)

Now seat back, relax and enjoy your flight with Purelosophy!!

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