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    Take a moment, destress. It might be at the start of a busy day when you are catching a plane, or giving a presentation. May be even when you are ready to sleep.

    Relax instils calm and tranquillity into the most hectic lifestyle, bringing you a wonderful feeling of physical and mental relaxation with no side effects. There’s no drowsiness or dulled thinking – just a pleasant sense of peace and serenity that spreads through your entire body and mind. And if your body is tired and ready to sleep, Relax helps you drift off gently and naturally.

    Relax is made with a unique blend of scientifically tested lemon balm, hops, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, plus fresh juices of kiwi, lemon and pear. And because Relax is low GI and low GL, it releases its energy content slowly and smoothly.


    Our warehouse teams take special care when dispatching orders but occasionally your parcel can be damaged in transit. We recommend that when you receive your order, you carefully check the item(s) received. If you notice any problems with your order you should notify our customer care team on We will ask you to take photos of damaged product.

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