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rebalance your day

you live life to the full.
but a full life can leave you feeling stressed, drained, distracted. purelosophy uses the alpine purity and herbal power of nature
to help you 

wakeup, relax, restore.


release the pressure

RELAX instills calm and tranquility into the most hectic lifestyle, bringing you a wonderful feeling of physical and mental relaxation with no side effects. There’s no drowsiness or dulled thinking – just a pleasant sense of peace and serenity that spreads through your entire body and mind. And if your body is tired and ready to sleep, RELAX helps you drift off gently and naturally.

restore yourself naturally

No matter how hard you try, life can throw you off balance. You’re travelling, so your diet options are limited. You’re enjoying the
evening, so you have an extra glass of wine.

You’re short on time, so you work out a little too hard and leave your muscles in need of a fast recovery.
RENEW helps get back on track after exercise or overindulgence, restoring and purifying your body so you can feel refreshed and get on with your life.

raise your game

Sometimes, you just need a little extra, to give you the drive to push through a busy day or a major challenge. Something to release your natural energy. POWER gently boosts your natural alertness without the downsides of too much caffeine.
Unlike strong coffee or energy drinks, there’s no sugar high (v1.0), caffeine jitters or ‘energy cliff’. Instead, POWER gives you a pleasant sense of being sharper and more alert.

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